Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results Be Guaranteed?

We all know those emails that guarantee top ranking on Google. In many cases the charge is very reasonable and it's tempting to take the offer. There's little to lose, right? Well that's exactly what these emails want you to believe. The fact is that this guarantee is simply a false promise. This statement is directly from Google:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

There you have it. There is no such thing is guaranteed SEO results. However, if your strategy is correct you can get an excellent ranking on search engines such as Google. Your web designer should know the basics of how to structure the website code so that Google likes it. In addition to that you need content. And not just any content, you want content that offers value to the website visitors. Search engines have become extremely sophisticated to detect how website content has been written. It should be written by humans for humans and to offer concrete value to the reader. If the search engine detects an attempt to influence search engine ranking at the expense of reader experience, you may be penalized. So it's better to play safe and fair and for example write great blog articles that your website visitors find helpful.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting to the Top - and Staying There

So you've worked diligently and finally have a great ranking on Google - great! This is just the first hurdle. Staying ranked high also takes work. If your website content becomes stale the visitors have less incentive to visit and therefore your search engine ranking will start going down. Another reason for your ranking to go down is the fact that search engine algorithms change. You could be on page one today and suddenly page three tomorrow. How is that fair? It may not but continual education is important when maintaining a high search engine ranking for your website. What search engines like is not a secret. They provide you with clear instructions what to do.

Hiring a Company for SEO

Depending on your writing skills, time and technical skills it may be possible to get a great SEO ranking through your own efforts. However in many cases it's better to hire a web design company to do such a task. A professional copywriter and a team of web design SEO professionals can give you great results and leave you with more time to do something that you are good at such as running your business. Most of us take our cars to mechanics and trying to fix your car yourself is generally a terrible idea. Same applies to SEO - it can be done but most of us are skilled in other areas and it makes sense to leave it to professionals.

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