Conversion Tips to Boost Web Sales

You can create the most stunning web design but if the visitor does nothing at the end of the session, it will not matter. In this article we discuss ways to improve your conversions.

Make It Easy to Contact You

Creating a conversion is a multi step process and if one of the steps fails, the entire conversion fails. Therefore, it's critical that finding a way to contact you is as easy as possible. For example in our own web design, we have a sticky header and 'CONTACT' link visible at all times. Also, every page has a footer with complete contact information including our address as well as phone number. You've worked hard on your web design - don't let bad user interface to make the visitor bail out.

Web Design Conversion

Experiment with Different Messages

It's a good idea to collect statistics of effectiveness of various messaging. For example "contact us today" may be more effective than "let's talk about your project". If you don't try different messages, you won't know what works the best for your industry and audience. The difference may be greater than you think.

Don't Ask Too Many Questions Too Early

If you choose to have a contact form on your website, keep it relatively simple. Too many questions may frustrate the user and they may simply leave the website without contacting you. Questions can also be too intrusive and the user may end up bailing out. For example, asking for a budget can be a sensitive question too early that can be explored at a later stage. Sometimes the budget may not have been established either so asking for it can make the user feel like they're unable to fill the form - and they simply quit. More information can always be gathered later.

Acknowledge Being Contacted

If the website visitor fills a contact form or leaves you a voice mail, acknowledge receiving it as soon as you can. If you do not, the visitor may think you're not interested in their project or that you're out of business. Even if you don't have the time to formulate a complete response immediately when you're being contacted, it's better to send a brief message and an estimate when you will be sending them a more comprehensive response such as web design quote.

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