How to Write Effective Content for Search Engines

There are certain rules when it comes to writing content that is effective achieving good SEO ranking. Here are some things to consider.

Keywords and Phrases
Let's say you want a high ranking with phrase Web Design Toronto. To achieve that, you obviously need to include the actual term 'Web Design Toronto' in the content body you're writing. Include it in the content so that it's a natural part of human readable content instead of just copy pasting Web Design Toronto all over the place and creating content that is poorly structured and makes little sense. Search engines do not like that. You also want words Web, Design and Toronto separately on the page. It's a good idea to include them multiple times but not overdo it.

Title, Meta and Alt Tags
In addition to including keywords in the content, they should also be on web page title tag, HTML source code meta tags as well as alt tags on any images on your webpage. Publishing tools such as WordPress have various plug-ins to add these to your web pages and images. They effectively communicate what's on the page and helps search engine organize your page.

Keyword Stemming and Formatting
In addition to using a regular version of your desired search phrase, it's a good practice to include variations as well. So for example instead of having just Web Design Toronto, you could include Web Designing Toronto, Web Designs Toronto and Toronto's Web Design etc. Another strategy that work is formatting text. For example you could write Web Design Toronto or Web Design Toronto to tell search engines that that particular phrase is important on the webpage.

Writing SEO Content

Phrase and/or Keyword in Domain Name
While not always possible, it's very beneficial to have a domain name with desired keywords in the domain name if possible at all. For example if you want to target Web Design Toronto phrase, it would be ideal to have it under domain name. If that's not available, you could try for example.

Write Regularly
Posting blog posts and articles regularly is a great way to tell search engines that there's someone actively writing content and providing value to the website visitors. You will be rewarded for that work by better SEO ranking. If you're unable to write weekly, write at least one post or an article per month.

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