Importance of Mobile Website in SEO

We all love and/or hate cell phones. They are here to stay and an increasing amount of internet traffic is now generated by mobile devices. Search engines have reacted to this fact and for a good reason; soon vast majority of internet traffic will be generated by mobile devices.

Therefore to even have a chance of decent organic SEO placing, one absolutely must have a mobile version of a website. Not too long ago, Google released a statement that if a website does not have a proper mobile version available, the SEO placing will be penalized. Now just a little while later, Google has made a statement that mobile version will affect SEO ranking more than the desktop version. There are even rumors on 3rd party websites that Google may rank mobile version only and ignore the desktop version altogether but we have not found evidence of this on Google's website. But it's easy to believe that something like that may be coming - if it's not here already.

Mobile Web Search Engine Optimization

So, what do you need to do to ensure that your SEO placing will be good in the future as well? If you don't have a mobile website you need to start moving ASAP. Once you lose your placing in SEO search results, it's difficult to climb back. Make sure that the website content remains relevant and up to date. Pay attention to readability and usefulness of website content and do not treat mobile website as an afterthought. It's perfect if you have a database driven CMS that updates both your desktop website as well as mobile website; that way you do not need to update two separate websites.

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