Web Marketing Tips and Things to Avoid

Building a website is usually not enough these days to generate business. One needs to utilize various strategies to generate enough traffic to the website and to create conversions. Here are some things to do and others to avoid.

Relevant Content

Search engines will love your website if you write good, human readable content frequently. Gone are the days when you simply copy/pasted your desired search phrase on your website hundreds of times and reached top search engine position. These days such strategies are a big big no-no and search engines will penalize you for such keyword spamming; it provides zero value to the visitor and can in fact be annoying. If you're able to write content yourself that's great. If not there are content writing services that are able to write articles for you, often with a surprisingly affordable fee.

Web Marketing Tips

Structuring the Code and Building Links to Achieve Good SEO

There are billions and billions of web pages on the Internet. It soon became evident that some kind of rules had to be set or Internet would become just a big messy wild west. So, certain rules were set in place that allows search engines to understand what is on your web pages so that they're able to properly categorize them and make search results relevant to the end user; this is ultimately the mutual goal for you and the search engines. Whether it's properly structured header tags, meta tags or building back links to your website, make sure to ask the web design company you're working with what they plan to do to make your website popular. If there's no plan, you may want to look somewhere else. Website with no placing on search engines is like a car with no gas.

Converting a Lead to a Customer

So you have a website and a bunch of potential customers have now called you or filled a contact form. Congratulations! Now it's your opportunity to close the deal. Make sure to listen to the customer and ensure to explore what the pain points are. A company that solves your problem is worth gold. Providing services is one task, but if you take things to the next level and understand your customer's needs beyond your regular service offering can truly create a lasting and loyal bond between you and your customer.

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