Web Design Trends in 2018


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is a reality to many companies and organizations already. Depending on the size and type of your organization you need to meet various goals regarding website usability for people with disabilities. Should your organization fail to follow these guidelines, you may be fined a substantial amount of money. A professional web designer can keep you away from this trouble and make web a more equal platform for all of us to use.

You can learn more about AODA details here:


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

An effective and an engaging website connects potentials customer and your business. But it does not end there. Relationship needs to be nurtured to fulfill their potential. You could manually enter all your potential website customers into an CRM but a better approach is to do the integration on the website already. CRMs are becoming more and more sophisticated all the time and many CRMs can provide you valuable information of the website visitor - almost at real time.

Not only CRM prequalifies your business leads, it also maintains a useful history of communication between you and the customer and provides a handy set of tools to make sure you keep in touch with the customer. A professional web design company can help integrate your website with a CRM whether you sue Salesforce, Hubspot or something else.

Single Hand Mobile Navigation

This may sound a little odd but considering how popular mobile web browsing has become, one must think mobile user experience one step further. Most of us like to hold a mobile phone in one hand and ideally have all elements clickable by using only a thumb of that said hand. Having to use another hand can be frustrating. And if you have to do this all the time, it becomes a nuisance and an actual usability issue. Carefully designing and placing navigational elements within a reach of your thumb can boost mobile web usability more than you think!

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