What Web Technologies Are Relevant to Your Web Design Project

Not every project is created the same so it should be carefully thought out what technologies should be used. Maybe you just want to blog and get started with WordPress. Maybe you want to build an e-commerce store and that requires integration with a specific third party API. Or maybe your project is so unique that is must be custom coded.

Whatever your needs are it's a good idea to communicate the requirements to your web designer as objectively as possible without trying to influence what will be recommended to you at a consultation. Too often, a client insists that a certain technology must be used just because their friend told them about it. If you've done a good amount of research and are confident that you've found a perfect platform, that's naturally ok and many companies will be able to work with you with your chosen product. However if you're unsure what the best solution for you is but insist that a specific technology must be used regardless is no different than telling a surgeon what surgeon knife and anaesthetic he should use when performing surgery on you. It's best to let a professional recommend suitable technologies for various situations.

Pick the most important goal of your project and keep your focus on that. For example if your goal is to build an e-commerce store that sells as many products as possible, do not put emphasis on creating a responsive super sleek JQuery photo gallery of kittens, no matter how much you like the idea. Ignore distractions and keep focus on what matters the most to you at the end of the day. Niceties can always be added after the core functionality is up and running.

Web Design Technologies

We regularly receive quote requests for a website with a list of technical functionality which is pages and pages of bullet points. Reverse Google search tells us that most of the time it's been copy/pasted from a 3rd party software package feature list that might sell for a very low price such as $19.99. It's easy to get impressed by a massive list of features and feel like you're going to conquer the world with it. Naturally, the reality is usually not that great with such approach. This is not to say that there's no use for 3rd party software that's being integrated on your website. But you need to pick and choose wisely what technologies you use and not be impressed by the longest list of features or the smallest price tag.

It's best to talk to a web design professional about your goals and critical needs and nice-to-have items. They will be able to tell the most logical steps as they've been around the block and implemented real world applications. Experience goes a long way in web design industry just like in many others.

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