When to Redesign a Website

Many see redesigning a website as an expense instead of an investment. Depending on how old your website and what it's being used, it may be a good idea to do a re-design.

Some reasons to redesign a website are decreased conversion rates, poor ranking on Google and poor visual appeal and/or user experience. Mobile usability can not be stressed enough now that mobile version of the website is more important than desktop version. If you don't have a mobile friendly website, you're damaging your business. Period.

Website Redesign

The need to redesign is rarely acute and it makes it easy to postpone a redesign that's way overdue, sometimes by several years. Decline in traffic and conversions is often a slow process and is mainly due to competitors upping their ante and leaving your business in the dust. Oftentimes, the investment of designing or redesigning a website is the primary reason to postpone a website redesign. But think of it this way - how much did the website cost each month if amortized over the time it has been used? Usually the amount is very small compared to many other monthly business expenses. Also if you have a good trusting relationship with your web developer, they may accept a payment plan over an extended period of time.

When I'm personally looking for any kind of service, I typically start online with a Google search. I check both paid ads as well as businesses that place well in organic search results. If the website takes forever to load, I bail out. Second step is assessing if the business looks professional - after all if they do not care about their appearance, where else are they cutting corners? If I like what I see and the business appears to be active, I contact the business. At that point, the website has accomplished its initial goal - a conversion.

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